PAAL began in 2013, in Malmö, Sweden, when former chef Fredrik Pål Persson hung up his apron to pursue his life-long passion of building custom motorcycles. What began in a tiny basement room as a one man operation has steadily evolved into a design studio made up of like minds and hands working together with a cohesive vision:  transforming vintage motorcycles through design, function and form.
Our mission is to continually transform  the design and functionality of our bikes by pushing the limits of all that we lay our hands on. Each PAAL motorcycle has been redesigned by Fredrik Pål Persson and all components are restored or fabricated by hand in Scandinavia.
Though our motorcycles are produced locally, Paal is a team of creative collaborators around the world. We integrate all our unique skills and expertise to create what we truly believe in. With studios in both Malmö and Los Angeles, PAAL is fully equipped to handle design, prototyping and manufacturing.
Klas Hansson Gladh
Partner & Chairman of the board
Jon Aldama
Fredrik Pål Persson
Founder & CEO
Chuva Featherstone
Brand Director